Floral Abstracts

Modern Art Creations – Experiments in Design

Digital Art Works

by Ellen Britt

My artistic explorations have taken me down many paths since I began creating art. I would describe my work as being inspired by nature and its beauty. I believe that when you connect with something outside yourself—whether it’s nature or another person—you are able to tap into your creativity in a way that can’t be replicated. This connection with nature is evident in many of my floral works where I incorporate natural elements such as flora, fauna and landscapes to create abstract interpretations.

Bold Abstracts by Ellen Britt

I love to play around with colours, textures, shapes and lines to create captivating works of art. The pieces below are from a floral experimentation using a combination of photoshop and AI to create fanciful and bold floral designs.

Bold  and vibrant floral abstract featured on a wall, by Ellen Britt
Bold & Vibrant Floral Abstract by Ellen Britt

Autumn Leaves

Further experimentation with autumn shades and patterns.

Modern Floral Abstractions

Modern red floral abstraction featured on a gallery wall
Bold and Vibrant Floral Painting on contrasting background by Ellen Britt, 2023

Loving the complimentary tones and the modern esthetic

Playing with softer tones on this digital creation

Soft pink and green floral painting featured in a gallery
Soft Pink and Green Floral by Ellen Britt, 2023