The World of Abstraction

I am an abstract artist whose work is characterized by vibrant color, bold shapes, and dynamic compositions. My artwork explores the relationship between form and function, creating pieces that are visually striking yet still serve a purpose. Whether I am  painting on canvas or using the digital realm, my art is always pushing boundaries and redefining what an artwork can be.

Bold Abstraction Featured on a Gallery Wall
Vibrant warm abstract by Ellen Britt, 2023

Black and White Abstracts

In addition to exploring shapes and colors, I also focus on design elements to create harmony in my pieces. My abstracts often feature clean lines and geometric patterns that emphasize structural beauty. My paintings use overlapping layers of color to create depth and texture. By carefully combining all of these elements, I endeavour to create artworks that are both aesthetically pleasing as well as thought-provoking.

Black and White Abstract by Ellen Britt, 2023

Its All About Teal

Abstract – Teal with Warm Blues and Greens by EllenBritt