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Hello!! My name is Ellen Britt and I have a passion for helping to protect and hopefully restore the environment we still have remaining. Everyday we lose a little of what we have as global warming is affecting our planet at an unprecedented rate. There are many ways that we can help our planet on a daily basis. For my blog I will be mentioning a few ways we can contribute and as I am learning as I go I will be continually adding to my blog. Saving our planet is the most important thing we can do! Below are a few ideas that are easy and fun

Try Planting A Tree

Tree planting by Ellen Britt
Planting a Tree by Ellen Britt, 2021

Tree Planting Helps to Reduce Climate Change

Depending on the size and type a mature tree can provide oxygen for up to 18 people.  

Did you know that trees are able to purify the air around them because they can absorb harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides that pollute our air?  The trees can turn those gases into the oxygen we need to survive.

Believe it or not trees can also help cool our busy hot streets especially during the scorching summers by providing us with shelter from the blazing heat. 

There are many more natural uses for trees, some being that they are commonly used as a home for squirrels and birds. As well some of the trees provide us with fruit such as apples, pears, peaches and more. When fall comes the leaves fall off a tree and they will slowly decompose into the ground and become fertilizer for the plants around them.  These are just a few of the benefits to planting a tree. More thoughts to come tomorrow.

Protect against climate change

About Me

Hi, My name is Ellen Britt and I am actively involved with protecting the environment.

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Global Warming
The Paper Bag Princess – a collaborative art rendition by Ellen Britt, 2021

Choose Paper Over Plastic

Think of all the advantages to using paper bags over plastic! Most importantly they are recyclable and biodegradable. Make sure to use them more than once. To help our environment they should be used at three times as they do take energy to make. Even more energy than to make a plastic bag. This means that the more you reuse your bag the better for the environment.

Extinction – a collaborative art rendition by Ellen Britt, 2021

Protect Our Creatures and Plants

Scientists believe that by 2050,  1/3 of the animals and plants on earth will become extinct! There are many ways we can help to preserve those animals and plants that remain.

Make gas a relic of the past – Art collage by Ellen Britt, 2021

Green House Gases

Every time we drive or ride in our cars, trucks, and buses we release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air we breathe which increases global warming. Global warming has affected our entire planet and has rapidly increased the earth’s temperature causing extreme weather conditions, wildfires, and droughts around the world. Because the temperatures are rising it is making our summers extremely hot and our winters ever warmer. I remember when I was little every winter there were piles and piles of snow outside my house and school. There wasn’t much snow a few winters ago and earlier this year I barely saw any snow on the ground where I live. If we don’t start taking action now it will be too late, and we will have to adjust ourselves to living in a hotter and dryer world…

Let The Rain Fall Down Upon Us – a collaborative art rendition by Ellen Britt, 2021

Use Less Water

In 2021 Canada has experienced major droughts throughout the year however these droughts have been more common in areas of Western Canada. Because of these droughts Canadian farms are suffering and without water their crops cannot grow. If the drought continues our once fertile soil will become hard and cracked and the water will simply run off instead of soaking through and providing the plants with the necessary nutrients and moisture needed to grow big, beautiful, and strong.  Global warming due to use fossil fuels is thought to be the primary cause of these drought conditions.

Title: The Alevin by Ellen Britt, 2021

Medium: Alcohol ink, Procreate & Photoshop

Salmon Protection

Help to ensure our salmon continue to thrive in our coastal waters.

Title: The Spawner by Ellen Britt, 2021

Medium: Alcohol ink, Procreate & Photoshop

Salmon Protection

Salmon are part of our Canadian community and heritage.

Title: The Five Flamingos by Ellen Britt, 2021

Medium: Surreal digital art combining photographs and artwork

Flamingos Under Threat:

Even our beloved flamingos are under threat because of Global Warming. Did you know that flamingos depend on rainfall to mate? Due to global warming, there has been little to no rain as well as many droughts around the world which includes the areas where the flamingos live. Because the flamingos do not have the right weather conditions to mate the flamingos will not have many offspring in the years to come. 

Global warming is also drying out the bodies of water where the flamingos live, and this affects the level of alkaline in the water. If the water becomes too acidic the flamingos will no longer be able to live in their natural habitat. Also, the creatures that live in the water and provide food for the flamingos will die.  The only option is to relocate the flamingos to a new home so they will survive.  

Along with heat new diseases are starting to evolve as heat is a breeding ground for bacteria.  This is affecting the food sources eaten by flamingos which in turn is killing our colorful friends. So many reasons to intervene in order to protect our world.  After all we are dependent on each other to maintain the delicate balance of life.  

Crows are Environmental Friends – a collaborative art rendition by Ellen Britt, 2021

In Defense of Crows

Our planet is as fragile as glass.  If we change the balance of climate, it has a domino effect.  Crows for instance provide us with a means to limit our insect population such as mosquitoes and grubs.

Unfortunately, warmer climates bring more mosquitoes and mosquitoes can carry the West Nile Virus.  Crows are the first ones to be affected by this virus and are projected to die at an alarming rate.

As their death rate increases so do the insects that eat crops and carry viruses.  All the more reason to do what we can to protect our planet before it is too  late.  

Pollinators ensure the continuation of our plants, flowers and crops. Butterflies and bees are some of our main pollinators and are under increasing threat from global warming. Bees and butterflies don’t like warmer temperatures and are starting to move north in search of nectar.  This is because warmer temperature affects our flowers and their blooming cycle which also means some flowers may not bloom at all.  The bee’s cycle matches that of our blooming flowers and when this cycle is disrupted, it means that some plants don’t get pollinated, and the bees lose their source of nectar.

There are many things we can do to help save our bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. For instance, we can help provide our bees with a bee friendly garden by planting many flowers and flowers shrubs and if you’re willing to go the extra mile you can try creating a pollinator paradise. Depending on how dedicated you are you can plant a variety of flowers for the different pollinators that live in your area. Did you know that bees are most attracted to alyssum, cleome, zinnias, sunflowers, salvia, calendula, as well as verbena? For my garden in my own backyard, I have planted Black Eyed Susans, Lavender, Geraniums, Heather, and Bumblesnow. Did you know that certain types of butterflies only feed on certain types of flowers depending on the stage of their life cycle? For example, the Monarch Butterfly feeds on milkweed for the first few stages. Sadly, I haven’t planted milkweed, but it is prolific in areas close to my home. Do your best to protect our pollinators where you live. Every effort helps!

It’s All About Butterflies

Global Warming and Butterflies

Because the butterflies are an important part of the ecosystem, I thought it important to write about the butterflies and how climate change is affecting them. Did you know that the number of butterfly deaths around the world is rapidly increasing due the extreme weather conditions such as severe temperature drops and excessive rain? Climate change is affecting the cycle of flowers that need either higher or lower temperatures to bloom and this can result in the blooming of fewer flowers each year which in turn causes butterflies to die.  Butterflies are also losing more and more of their homes due to deforestation. The most colorful butterflies no longer have a place to hide which makes them more at risk of being eaten by predators as they no longer have camouflage.  As well they are losing their source of food.   Help protect our beautiful pollinator friends.

By Ellen Britt

You can check out more of my environmental art creations at ellencooks.ca