Passion Project

Time: The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. – Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

This year I have been assigned through my school an exciting art project on the subject of Time. The assignment was to draft a proposal and art work and to then spend 2 months working on the final creation. What you see on this page is both my written and initial artwork. The final art work is underway and will be posted when completed. Crossing fingers on this one!

by Ellen Britt

Art Collage by Ellen Britt

Inquiry Assignment

The Subject of Time

Ellen Britt

  • Proposed Materials Used 
  • White unruled paper 
  • Charcoal pencils 
  • Color Pencils and or watercolor pencils 
  • Black Sharpe 
  • Paper stumps for blending 
  • Eraser  
  • Ruler 
  • Compass set (used to make circles)  
  • Camera 
  • Computer 
  • Photoshop 
  • The references I will use are: 
  •  Different drawings and photos of clocks with both Roman and Arabic numerals.  Google searches using sites such as Pinterest, Wikipedia and Fine Art America will be used for inspiration. 
  • Connection to Time 
  • I have selected clocks as my expression of time because this is how most people see time and plan for their day.  Clocks are something we all have in common, and they mark some of the most important times of our life.  For example, clocks record the time of our birth, special dates and future plans made with friends and even our deaths.  This proposed artwork will feature many different clocks overlapping each other showing different times. This overlap will display the distinctive styles of clocks as seen through my eyes as an artist and hopefully the eyes of the viewer as well. 
  • The Reason this Artwork is Important to my Audience and Myself 
  • This is important to my audience and myself because clocks define the movement of time through the day, the week, the month, and the years.  It is a precise form of measurement.  Without clocks we would have to rely on the sun’s position in the sky to tell time and the change of seasons for the passage of a year.   
  • Process Used to Make the Artwork 
  • I will make this art piece by first drawing different types of clocks with different types of numbers.  This will be done using charcoal pencils, a compass to create round circles, and white unruled paper.  Each piece of paper will have a different clock sketch.  I may also include numbers outside the face of the clock to further demonstrate the advancement of time.  As well I will sketch out a color background using colored pencils, or I may photograph a background and colorize.  If the background is drawn it will be done on an unruled white sheet of paper.   Once the drawings have been completed, I will photograph them and bring them into photoshop and layer underneath the clock sketches.  I have used photoshop many times, so I know how to layer pictures and drawings without assistance. I am also proposing to use photoshop because it will allow me to blend layers and vary the size and position of my clocks as well it makes it possible to mask out unwanted areas.  It is possible not all my clocks will make it into the final artwork.  Once finished I hope to print using our “at home” printer.   
  • Final Display of Artwork 
  • My final display for the finished work will be on one of the walls at home as well as on the TV monitor through iPhotos along with some of my other artwork.  Also, I have an art web site called  This is where I feature most of my artwork. 

By Ellen Britt

Ta Da!!! Below is my final art project for school in 2021. This was passion project and took over a month to complete. All the elements for this work were hand drawn by me, scanned into the computor and arranged onto a single sheet. The beauty of digital is that you can move the elements around until satisfied with the placement. It was total fun!

Final Passion Project on the subject of Time by Ellen Britt, 2021
Ellen Britt

Time brings all things to pass. 


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